Long Term Care

Crystal Lake is synonymous with compassionate, quality long-term care.

For many decades we have provided excellence in healthcare to the elderly , frail, disabled, and individuals who require living assistance and medical supervision. Significantly, our clinical outcomes – such as weight loss, incidence of pain, and wound healing - are consistently better than the State averages. One reason families choose Crystal Lake is our famous nursing staff. Anyone who has ever visited Crystal Lake knows that residents here are treated with love and dignity. We believe that the elderly and infirm deserve an extra measure of affection and respect.

We also make sure that our long-term residents have every opportunity to relish life. That's why we offer a host of different activities and outings to suit the variety of tastes and abilities of our residents.

In addition to our regular long term care program, Crystal Lake also offers:
Respite care for families on vacationand hospice care, administered by specially trained caregivers.